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Pictometry highlights Des Moines County from a variety of different oblique aerial views. Any location can be viewed from North, East, South, West, as well as directly above. The Pictometry Toolbar at the top right of the screen can be used to adjust the direction, scale, historic flights, layers, as well as export an image of the screen.


The search tool sets the extent to a specific parcel or address. Owner name is not included in this search.

When more than three characters have been inputted into the search bar the auto-complete will fire that show valid records matching the characters. Selecting one of these results will set the map to the extent of the parcel.

If more than one result is returned or if the search button is pressed instead of selecting a result from the auto-complete, a query will be performed to return valid records. On non-touch enabled devices, hovering over these records will load a mini-map to show the parcel boundaries. Selecting the record or clicking anywhere on the map will update the Pictometry window.

Municipals/Parks and Recreational Areas/Areas of Interest

Selecting a record will set the extent of the Pictometry window to the center of the feature. Two of these options feature a filter tool to quickly find a specific record.


40.8119, -91.1009